Things that Make Me Say Yay!

May 11, 2018


It's been a week of a thousand Wednesdays. How it is actually Friday is beyond me.

So here are a few things that have made me uber happy lately.

>> Harrison has discovered his love of bubbles and now want to float in the tub. Last night I was asked to give him a bath about 30 minutes early. All because that baby needed to relax.

He seriously just lays there and floats now.

>> At first I wasn't sure about this kombucha brand, but I actually like it better than Dr. Pepper. It doesn't have the kombucha kick you think of and tastes like a Dr. Pepper but less sugary. 

>> Guess who finally halfway pulled up their winter garden... this girl. Except I haven't found it in me to start pulling carrots. That a lot of work. But I did discover the brussel sprout I planted two years ago finally decided to do something. Baby sprouts for one. 

>> I don't know how this happened, and yet it feels like it's been 400 weeks already at the very same time. My biggest question though is who on earth is this person, what personality will this child have?