Bubbles and Open Houses

April 16, 2018

I wish there was legit photo evidence that this weekend even happened, but alas, photo evidence isn't my M. O. lately.

Friday night we had dinner with friends and traipsed around town staying out way past Harrison's bedtime. Way past being 9pm. Surprisingly, or not so much, he did really well. I was telling Jeremy this, but being so nuts about routines and bed early on. Our once inflexible newborn who lost it 5 minutes before bedtime is now easy going and relaxed about things. Thank you Jesus for that!

Saturday we cleaned, and cleaned some more. I hadn't really deep cleaned the house in a few weeks, thanks pregnancy, and we had to prep for an open house. It was a blurry day of cleaning mixed with awful weather... I'm not even sure it really happened.

The only significant thing was Harrison taking his beloved super long bath. He's recently discovered bubbles won't kill you and asked for them that night. Before then there was a lot of yelling "Oh yuck!" Which is customary for anything Harrison isn't entirely fond of.

Which brings me to Sunday, church and open house. If we weren't regular church attendees then a Sunday open house would be a breeze. Heck if Jeremy didn't play music then prepping for the open house would be a breeze.

Instead Sunday morning goes like this: get ready, get house ready, put everything we own in the car that isn't nailed down, wake up child, put him in car and don't let him touch the ground, put dog up, leave.

Someone showed interest, but I won't believe a word of it until I see an offer. House selling isn't my cup of tea. When I want to do something I wanted it done yesterday, the wait for someone else to show up and buy something is just dreadful in my eyes.

Then there's the having a baby aspect which means I'd really love to sell and get settled into an apartment before the fall. The last thing I want is to be largely pregnant and moving, I did that once and it was more than enough for a lifetime.

I feel like I'm sounding like a Negative Nelly, but it's reality as far as the house goes. My cleaning schedule is always off because I 1) don't have the energy right now and 2) am cleaning based on when showings happen. Which speed cleaning on a Tuesday evening is not as enjoyable as cleaning on a Saturday morning when no one is awake yet.

Oh gosh, that brings me to this... I tried a Pinterest trick to remove dog urine smell. 12 year old dogs and bad weather aren't friends. It got the smell out, but it made such a mess. Anything that starts with baking soda should just set off the mess alarms in my head... but no, I continue to find the messiest Pinterest cures known to America.

It worked and I'm never doing it again.

Speaking of which, what's a good way to clean up dog pee that doesn't leave the floor slippery. I've been using our counter spray... but it's slippery. If I take the mop out too many times in a week I start rage mopping and that's not good for anyone.

In other new... who would like a nearly 12 year old dachshund with all her shots and a years worth of Heart Guard? She comes with a kennel and is great with families... just too old to tell you she needs in or out of the house most days. Kidding, but not entirely.