Friday Five

September 22, 2017

This isn't going to be the most picture filled post you've ever seen. Somehow in the chaos of the week I never took a single picture worth sharing.

So I'll start with a few funny things and then give y'all the important stuff.

1. True story, I went to work Tuesday with all of Jeremy's car keys. Both set. When he called to ask me to bring them to him I almost said "You're going to have to walk before I ever ask my principal if I can leave here." But I asked and left, and took the keys, and only missed half of center time.

We all survived. But my brain is in a fog.

2. To add to the fun, Wednesday we had a parent night at school. For reference it takes me almost 30 minutes to get there depending on the time of day. Jeremy asked if I would come home before the parent night, no problem I wanted to work out anyway. However, come 4PM he wasn't answering the phone. AT ALL.

Turns out someone there was some evaluation he had to be apart of that was happening... in the town I teach in. 4:40PM starts edging near and I began texting him to see what was going on. Nothing. When he finally called I was packing food for Harrison and planning to take him with me to work (again you could insert another gritting your teeth emoji here). We managed to finally cross paths on the way there which resulted in us looking like a divorced couple trading off kids. It was weird.

Then to make matters more fun I had to turn back around and be home by 7PM because he had to be somewhere.

Why things are scheduled for Wednesday I'll never know. It's the worst night of the week for us, and every year some sort of chaos comes from this parent night.

3. In the true fashion of a 2 year old stubborn personality, my child refused to come out of time out because he was still mad at me. It was all caused by the fact that I wouldn't give him another multivitamin. Go figure. This went on for 20 minutes. Screaming. Time out. Told he could come out. Refused to. Repeat.

Finally he broke down and got out long enough to tell me I had to put his book back, and then promptly returned to time out.

We are in for a long ride.

4. Lafayette Moms Blog is launching very soon, and we will be out at Tinsel and Treasure as well at Fit Fest in the coming weeks. Be sure to not only check out the blog and social media accounts, but find us out in the community passing out goodies!

5. Church of the Small Things by Melanie Shankle is about to release. There's still time to pre-order and get the extras though! If you pre-order before October 3, 2017 you can still get the free bonus gifts. Find all the details on

I might be slightly biased, but I've read all of her books and this might be my favorite. I seriously was either laughing or on the verge of tears the whole time. She has such a great tone and way to telling stories that we can all relate to.