Things That Make Me Say Yay

February 4, 2017

The toddler is destroying the house at the moment, but whatever. I've been trying to be consistent with a TTMMSY post on a Friday for a month. I think they're officially going to have to be a Saturday thing.

This past weekend we broke out the camping equipment for the first time and tested out how well the toddler would tolerate it. Turns out it went great and I honestly can't wait until Mardi Gras break, we have a few days where there's nothing planned and I'd like to go to a camp ground. 

Honestly, I think I sleep better outside in the tent. 

I need to decide what I want to fill the space in my garden that the winter cucumber never filled. On the up side though, my carrots and beets are on their way & the cauliflower is starting to regrow after the terrible horrible no good very bad freeze of 2017. 

Also, I think my strawberry roots are sprouting. 

What are my gardener friends planting this Spring? 

I've been Beach Body-ing it lately, the containers have been great for portion control. It'll definitely give me an idea of how much to eat when I go full on Paleo again. After pregnancy and 18 months of nursing I lost perception of what a serving was. 

Plus the Country Heat workout is so fun, and on certain days it works my legs out enough that they are sore... not just a cardio burn for 30 minutes. 

Today I made some more Fire & Ice Pickles. Y'all they're divine. If you want to see how I made them head on over to Snapchat and watch my story, you'll have to get past last nights joking rant about not wearing makeup and real clothing to work yesterday first. 

Also, for my non social media followers, our chemo patients, yes patients... we're apparently collecting them now, were told they were in partial remission this week. Dad isn't celebrating just yet, but I'm excited simply because in 3 years those words have never been said. He's had things removed, and cells not grow, but shrinking is a new deal. He started a new drug that isn't actually chemo a few months ago that has zero side effects. Granted the man isn't suddenly a marathon runner, but it means we've got him around a bit longer.