The Pumpkin Patch That Never Posted

December 8, 2016

As soon as I gave myself a break from posting monthly pictures of Harrison I dropped the ball hard. First I was going to take 18 month pics... then 19... and that never happened.

So to sum it up, we went to the Pumpkin patch when he had just turned 19 months old. So this is from then.

I realized in doing these this year that I'm not one of "those moms." You know, the ones who think to dress their child in something seasonal. We had a harvest themed shirt... my kid is in a tank top and Toms. 

I also make a ton of stuff from scratch but sent Walmart cupcakes to the sitter for his birthday. 

Santa pics... when we got there I realized people dress their kids up for this... mine was in a football sweatshirt. 

 He went through a spell when he wanted to back his booty up into everything, thats the face you get with that action.

Drumming on pumpkins. 

Notice all the bumps and bruises? I seems like month 18-19 were full of bloody knees.