Currently November

November 30, 2016

Current book: I've been reading Growing Up Duggar, which has now led me into a tail spin of "research" into my husbands past in the fundie culture. The missionary he wandered around with for ages is even mentioned on the Free Jinger site. I even got Jeremy talking about how you had to dress and cut your hair... turns out he still knows how to find diagrams! I couldn't quit laughing. 
Current music: Christmas playlists on YouTube while I'm teaching. 
Current [non]-guilty pleasure: Tretonin. The Retin-A obsession is for real, but my acne has also cleared up for real. 
Current drink: Iced Decaf with Stevia and Almond Milk... again the Duggar obsession led me to Jessa's Instagram. Let me go ahead and say I've always been a big fan, but reading into the courtship rules they have are a little funny. Which sparked this weird research into Bill Gothard. 
Current food: It's that time again, so chocolate anything. 
Current obsession: If you read the last few of these... looking into the fundie ways and asking Jeremy a thousand questions about growing up that way. 
Current craving: Staying home indefinitely. Gosh I wish we could afford for me to stay home. 
Current need: Probably more water, I haven't been drinking as much since I changed the type of bottle I carry. 
Current indulgence: Persimmon Pudding. I have a few more ripening in the window and it's about to go down. This time with more whip cream. 
Current bane of my existence: The burning Sugar Cane fields. If you thought the entire spring season was bad you haven't lived in Cajun land during Cane Season. 
Current procrastination: Working out. It's been a hot minute. These 3rd graders leave me with zero energy every day... and other than that there just isn't time. (and no I'm not losing sleep to workout early, that's insane)
Current confession: I've taken to ignoring the toddler when he's freaking out. For instance, I was alone with him during a meltdown today... and I paid no mind to him. What do you know... it worked. One snack, actually eating dinner and not 30 snacks, and now playing quietly later... ignoring for the win. 
Current quote: A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. Proverbs 15:1 ESV - see also I'm trying to make it a goal to not raise my voice but lower it when this kid is nutty. 
Current excitement: Christmas with a little person who can get more excited this year. The walking/trying to do more talking stage can be so fun. 
Current mood: Happy, watching Harrison put stacking rings up his arms and dance funny. He also keeps answering one of them... his hello always sounds like you just called a Chinese take out place.