Meal Pinning Monday

August 21, 2016

If you follow Whole30, then you probably have noticed the big September Whole30 that's about to go down before the Food Freedom Forever book hits the shelves. I plan on doing another reset and participating in Whole30 in September.

Post pregnancy and nursing Emily has had some serious issues with food, as in... cake is my bestie. I had an awesome Whole30 in January and then slowly morphed into the bad food eating pregnancy (but not prego) lady again. So this week, to prep for Whole30, I'm going my usual Paleo route for breakfast and lunch, cutting out dessert, and making a combo of Paleo and fun dinners so no one wants me dead before October.

Let'a face it, I'm the only person who enjoys non dairy milk and kale in this house. 

[What is Meal Pinning Monday?]
MPM is how I meal plan for our little family. I once spent a lot of time searching the web and my recipe books hunting for new recipes and ideas for what to cook every week. Then, Pinterest came along and made meal planning much easier for me. Every weekend I look over what I have pinned the prior week and decide what I would like to cook and make my grocery list from these recipes. MPM came about as a way to share what I am cooking, and to also see what others are cooking every week to hopefully get even more dinner ideas from other bloggers. If you don't pin your recipes feel free to just share what you are cooking.

Half the links didn't work with the widget this week, so if the Pinterest link isn't there just click the recipe title to get to Pinterest. 

Tuesday - Chick-Fil-A Nuggets & Fries (Paleo)

Wednesday - Pumpkin Waffles with Bacon & Eggs (not Paleo at all) 

Thursday - leftovers

Friday - Chicken Fromage with Sauteed Spinach & Roasted Potatoes (one of Nanny's recipes that will be up soon)

Saturday - Eating Out

Sunday - Chicken & Avocado Burrito with Pioneer Woman Salsa & Chips

Breakfast - Protein Shake with Double Chocolate Paleo Protein, 1/2 banana, cashew milk, and 1 tbsp Maranatha Almond Butter

Lunch - Buffalo Ranch Chicken Salad (with a Larabar)