7th Anniversary

May 30, 2016

I feel like this year should be titled "Not as bad as we expected on so little sleep."

Despite what adding a baby to the mix does, we had a great year. 

There were up and downs like every year, but looking back what comes to mind is good.

The bad isn't worth dwelling on, and hey, the baby decided we were worthy of sleep for a few nights. Ha!

So here's to 43 more years until we hit the big 50!

Current marriage stats include - We've lived in 3 towns, 4 houses, 2 big trips by plane(Italy & Puerto Rico), 1 baby, 1 house bought, 5 job changes for me, 2 graduate degrees accomplished (he's much smarter with that specialist), 3 dogs (Rudy was sent to the "farm" aka my parents house).

Tonight my favorite sister (the only one) watched Harrison while we went on a date for a meal you can't eat with a baby... boiled crawfish.

Next week we're headed to NOLA for our anniversary and I've got a few new places to eat on my list, I'll be sharing after we get back about that one.