11 Months Old

February 5, 2016

Notice that he's so on the move that there was no time to take cute staged pictures! 

The kid has things to play with and I was in him way. 

over 20 lbs

Length/Height: 27.5 - probably hasn't changed since the last appointment

Eyes: more hazel, they go between blue to green/brown depending on what he's wearing

Hair: Brown like Mama's! 

Clothes: 12-18 months

Diapers: size 4

Likes: Meat and peanut butter. He also likes peek-a-boo and playing with us, oh and bath time! 

Dislikes: non meat food items, being taken out of the tub. 

Eating: He's in a meat, peanut butter, yogurt, Cherrio, apple sauce kick

Sleeping: all night!!!

Milestones: He's cruising and getting brave enough to let go for a second. We also discovered he could crawl, but only naked on a cold floor.

If I had to describe our eleventh month in one word, it would be: sleeping, I feel like I have the option to sleep these days. Especially since I quit pumping at night. 

Mommy notes: Harrison's hair is starting to look like it might curl like mine and Jeremy's did as kids, so a hair cut will definitely be delayed!