The Outtakes

December 15, 2015

The best part of any holiday photo shoot is clearly the outtakes. 

I think you'll agree after seeing these. 

"Have y'all tried grass? This stuff is amazing!"

"No really, the grass is good."

That limp wrist can only mean one thing, he was in the middle of signing "all done". No my child can't wave bye or blow kisses like other babies, but he will straight up tell you "all done" all evening long.

Double fist-ing the grass. 

Joshua trying to convince Harrison to look in the right direction, and take a break from grass eating for a second. 

Out of focus, and it genuinely sums up how everyone really feels about me around Thanksgiving when I get my camera out.

Hair was stuck to my lip gloss. 

Laura never missed a chance to get a bad photo of me. I'm just thankful for SD cards and digital cameras because if it were left to the old film cameras we use to have that girl would use up every photo on nonsense and I'd never have a good pic. 

Most awkward dog hold award this holiday goes to Jeremy. No one holds a dog like that. 

Hence the problem with staging your own photos, I can't control what that man does with his elbows. I have to take several pics and then correct his every move. He also tends to go all sorority girl on me and tries to lean in, I can't tell you how many times I say "stand up straight". Unless we are posing with our hands on our knees everyone needs to stand up straight. 

Ellie looks like she has had her fair share of 9 years of Christmas pictures. Poor dog. 

That face just says to me that I'm going to have trouble on my hands once he can talk and walk. 

And then there were the stand in photos, these are always good and I really considered using one of them on the back of our card this year. Laura has a really dry personality as you can see. 

It's really a blessing that we aren't in the 1800's trying to take photos. We'd be a blurry mess of nonsense and stuck with the least perfect family "honest we love each other" Christmas card every year.