I Heart Pinterest Wednesday

November 11, 2015

I've been living on Pinterest lately, so here's my favorites.

We've been using the PEEL method for awhile with writing and yesterday I was introduced to the RACES method. Gotta say I like how this explains it much better, it's basically the same as PEEL just a more easily understood acronym.

We are a Samoas family, therefore this pie is getting made over Thanksgiving.

Baby Sign Language, has anyone else had success with it? I know I'm lazy about it, but I'd say we've got "all done" slightly nailed down. Like a rusty nail in an old board nailed down, but like you tried to nail a rusty nail into an old board, not removing...anyway. He at least waves around crazy when he wants me to pick him up from the nursery.

I really love the idea of putting this scripture on plates that you're sending food somewhere on.

Gingerbread Latte? Yes!

In case you missed it last time, these lactation cookies are the bomb dot com for boosting milk supply.

As soon as Jan 1st hits I'm making bone broth. (I'm pushing off Paleo until it's closer to weaning, I'd really like to have a larger freezer stock and enjoy Christmas before that extra calorie burn disappears.)

To remember our family vacay to Puerto Rico pre baby days I'm making Mallorcas over Thanksgiving week, and maybe at Christmas again if they come out well!

I want a Tartan throw or two for Christmas decor and I think this is my best bet for making one relatively inexpensive. You'll see where I'm going with the Tartan idea once the tree is up.

What have been your favorite pins this week?