I Heart Pinterest Wednesday!

March 18, 2015

It's been ages, like since my second trimester kind of ages since we did a Pinterest Wednesday. 

Needless to say the midnight feedings have given me plenty of time to pin. 

Here are some recipes I'm dying to make, as soon as I've used up my freezer meals!

You could easily use fat free sour cream or greek yogurt to healthy this up even more. 

Considering the amount of sweet potatoes I have in our pantry this would make good use of them. 

I've eaten oatmeal every way I know how since it's so good for your milk supply. This would be a nice change of pace for breakfast. 

Irish Stew is something I've actually never made. Not even beef stew. 

Another great use of sweet potatoes.

Jeremy has always been partial to blackened chicken, so this would have to be a hit. I'd have to use brown rice though.

It just looks so good!

I haven't made Pad Thai in ages, now that Whole Foods is open maybe I can find the ingredients I need easier.