I Heart Pinterest Wednesday!

November 5, 2014

I had yesterday off of work for the Election, I seriously thought I'd be so productive unpacking the house. 

Major fail, I played on Pinterest and caught up on the DVR. 

At least I made it out of the house to vote and workout ha!

When I saw this I literally cried laughing, and then text it to about 5 people!

My goal for this Christmas as far as decorating goes is rustic country, all homemade ornaments. These mixed in with my cinnamon ornaments will look cute. 

Burlap garland, because I need another excuse to put burlap on something in this house. 

Here's my easy Orange Julius recipe I shared last week, I'm drinking one now becaue I simply love them so much. This would even been really good made in a larger batch and slightly slushy for brunch. 

Pinterest is making me want to throw a Christmas party this year so badly, these Pecan Pie Marshmallows sound so easy to make. 

I love brie, I don't know what to say about why I pinned this other than that I love brie. 

You can bet your sweet heart this recipe is getting made this holiday season. We are some serious eggnog lovers in this house. I currently have some pumpkin eggnog that I was skeptical about, but it's heavenly. 

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