I Heart Pinterest Wednesday - Nursery

September 3, 2014

I haven't had a Pinterest Wednesday in awhile, thanks pregnancy for making the movement on the computer cause me to feel sick. 

That's mostly gone now, as long as I keep this short and sweet. 

So let's dig into the non food items I've loved on Pinterest lately, because well... food isn't my favorite thing at the moment. 

If I'm being honest we are basically going Ikea for the nursery. 
I have also realized just looking around that I tend to prefer gender neutral items, the pink is too pink for me, and themes aren't my high point. 

I saw this and thought it was genius, plus I just love it. I could die in Ikea and be happy about it. 

Ignore the wall color, I'm a neutral wall person and strips will be a pain to create and remove. So no way Jose. But the open book shelf is something I've loved for years. Much more inviting to kids. 

Here's some nursery inspiration, I love the white and grey with hints of turquoise. 

A friend of mine did something similar to this in her nursery, I love having furniture that isn't being tossed as soon as the kid can walk. A changing table just seems like such a waste, so why not make a large dresser double as one for a year. 

I really like the Ikea high chair, and the new cushion they added is great too. Not very girly, but primary colors can work for either and this would be something that could be used for kid number 2 as well. 

I saw this and thought "pure genius!" This will be on my nightstand for sure. We are still months out but feeding is already on my brain, especially the pumping and returning to work feeding. 

More neutral nursery love. Pure love!

This is all a yes for sure, and the baby toys at Ikea are to die for. 

More Ikea nursery ideas. 

I love this room, and I'd be in heaven if I found that giraffe. 

What were some of your nursery must haves?