weekend wrap-up via Instagram

July 2, 2012

Can I just start this post by saying that it always cracks me up how uploading phone photos via the Blogger app in one order and how they appear on the blog is another order always cracks me up. Gotta love some technology. 

Thursday: After working out we had dinner with some friends. Needless to say this huge truck was taking up 2 solid parking spaces. Jeremy and I joked in the car about the chalk prank from Pinterest where you draw the person a new parking space and write "a space just for you in front of it." I suddenly remembered the ferret business card joke, but not the entire saying, so I wrote this on my grocery list and put it on the guys car.
Friday: Another couple we are friends with/workout with came over and we grilled and played tennis. I marinated everything...and Jeremy took credit for it (lol). The two things I made inside went terribly wrong. I did Pioneer Woman's Crash Hot Potatoes and The Bread. All was going great until the propane tank ran out and we had to go on an adventure to locate a new one...let's just say I made the driest potatoes and chewiest bread on planet earth. Tennis was great though, all the bugs that were out made me want to pull out  a Ziploc bag and freeze them all so I could give them to my 10th grade Biology teacher. Am I alone in the high school bug board? Or did anyone else spend a solid semester chasing bugs in the Kmart parking lot for science class?
Saturday: Oddly I can't remember the whole day. I started off the morning not hearing my alarm for a solid 20 minutes, this never happens to me. I blame it on the fact that we still don't have electricity in our bedroom and I am having to use my phone as an alarm. I had the sound turned way down....this made me late for letting the girls in the building for bible study of course. At some point I managed to score a blue Fla-vor-ice. That taste reminds me of my childhood.
Jean and Jeremy outside talking about who knows what. We've been working on getting things with the youth group rolling, it is going to be awesome. I really can't wait for school to start back up and to get 5th Quarter going again...all except the time of night I got home. That kills me, I just can't hang past 10pm.

I managed to score a pic of Jeremy doing his own laundry after playing tennis with Gerard. Nothing I like more than a man who takes care of himself. I am so glad I don't have to clean up behind him...plus we disagree on how to do laundry. I could care less and he has to have things separated. More power to him.As long as he doesn't think he is being mistreated we are good to go haha.

Oh-my-goodness. After sweaty tennis Slush Puppie is heaven. I would love a Parrot Ice, but I never see those anymore. 
Sunday: Photo a Day July was self portrait. I just can't take a serious pic of myself...seems too ridiculous. I've also been shopping in my closet and looking for things I rarely wear and revamping them. This next year or two of Jeremy in grad school is killing my need to buy a few trendy pieces of clothing. I'm dying here ladies! Everything  I had on yesterday was purchased pre-Jeremy. That means at least 4 years old. Home girl could use some trendy clothes...or at least a shopping trip. This no spend thing makes me loco, which is why I fight eating out. I'd much rather have a new shirt than eat at Chili's. It is such a waste of money. I can wear the shirt tons of times, I can't eat some over prices salad tons of times.
Thankfully my need to cook and not eat out was finally met Sunday. I was in sheer happiness overload being able to cook breakfast for the youth group, lunch at my house, and then Jeremy making biscuits and gravy for dinner for a few of our guy friends. Heaven! Granted lunch didn't go over a total hit. I made the Iowa Girl Farfelle with Kale and Sundried Tomatoes. I love kale. I love sundried tomatoes. Turns out Jeremy doesn't like either and has told me about the latter. I just ignore his fuss able kale. Apparently I ignored his fuss about  sundried tomatoes too. But who cares I like them, and I liked out it tasted. He just has perceptions of how much sauce should be in pasta and if it isn't there he doesn't like it. Men. I was told that my love of kale and sundried tomatoes was snobby. From now on everytime he wants sausage or fried anything I'll just accuse him of being a redneck hillbilly. To be honest though as a kid Mom would make fried pork chops and I never ate them, still haven't to this day. I would always just eat lettuce or cucumbers when she did that. I really ate more raw veggies than anything else as a kid. I also threw a big stink when pepperoni pizza was ordered. I loved veggie pizza and I am from a family of picky people, they will be the death of me. 
Perhaps this is all why I love to cook, I have absolute control over things. And trust me when I cook I force healthy on everyone around me. If you eat over here and assume it's not healthy it is because I didn't tell you the substitutions. I'm just sneaky like that.