Hi Blog. It's me, Emily.

September 15, 2011

I honestly have not intended to weekday neglect this blog. But Lord help me, when I get home I can only muster the thought process it takes to stare at the TV and cook dinner. Although, while flipping through old FB pictures I have recently been slightly more driven to run. Nothing makes you want to run like looking at your 20 year old self. I also agreed to run in a 5k in NOLA (only cause it goes to cancer research). Did I mention I can't run?

Work is great by the way. Don't get me wrong, I am exhausted, but I enjoy being at work. Never thought I'd say that...and heck it's only September, so it can still change. Ask me again in May and see if I have started glaring at pregnant women (because by that time the sight of anyone trying to repopulate the student community is annoying). 

I recently ran out of the stock pile of British food I purchased before leaving Monroe. You may not know this, but there is a grocery store in Monroe that carries all the British foods that make me happy...to the point that if there are any Monroe residents willing to ship, I am willing to foot the bill. I am going to cry if I don't find some golden treacle or tea biscuits. I tried making Treacle, but needless to say Molasses is not a proper substitute, and this girls needs one. 

Living Proof Live from this past weekend was awesome. I got really excited when I opened up the notes pamphlet and saw that the James study is being released in November. Whoo hoo! I studied James last year with my Life Group and it was so convicting. 

Speaking of LPL, I went to it with Mom & Laura. Which means I got to see Joshy Poo. I wouldn't have believed anyone had they told me how 20 month old boys acted. I seriously laughed until I was crying. The fact that you can say "Hey Joshua, shake your hips", and he starts dancing and throwing his arms everywhere just kills me. When I went to leave he wanted in my car and kept yelling at Mom to "sut da door!" It took awhile to get him out of the car and off my lap...and when Laura pulled him out he left crying and screaming. Mom said he went inside and cried in the floor. Once that was over he walked around the house with the phone pretending to talk to me. Poor baby, I wish I could see him every day. 

Oddly he doesn't make me want a kid. Weird how people ask that. That is like asking me if I want a cupcake just because Laura has one...so absurd. I just take hers haha! Plus having my own kid would make another kid, and I'd be the Mon. Hence, the awesome aunt status would not be so awesome. I so enjoy not having to punish him (even though I sometimes have to) and laughing hysterically at the stunts he pulls. 

Tomorrow is our first 5th Quarter. I am excited and kinda nervous at the same time, you see, when I was living in Central/North Louisiana and in high school it was a big deal. Then again, Christian is more common. Down here, in Catholic country, Christian youth groups are few and far between. We don't have many kids, and there are churches here that don't have a youth group at all. So because of that Jeremy has reached out to other churches in hopes of making this more of a community thing, since the last time it was attempted it didn't work so well. I just hope some kids show up tomorrow, I don't expect this to be huge at first, but I just hope it grows over time. 

Last but not least. The new Desert Trio flavor from Blue Bell is heavenly. I'd show you a picture of ours that we purchased Sunday, but by Wednesday it was long gone. LONG GONE. 

I need a sugar intervention. But the only way sugar will leave is if Jeremy does. That boy buys some sort of sugary treat every time we go shopping. Who on earth buys Blue Bell (his wifes favorite ice cream) after being told "if you have to buy something, please buy nasty crap I will not be tempted to eat"? He must hate me. If he loved me he would not buy sweets, he would buy fruit. 

But lets be serious for a second. Who the heck can eat fruit when Blue Bell is in the freezer? No one! No one I tell you. That sad little peach can only taste good with a side of junk after I see Blue Bell. 

Okay that is enough rambling for one blog post. Will someone come put a lock on my fridge?