quick update

July 5, 2011

In case you don't follow me on FB or twitter, I have been MIA due to a lack of Internet in the hills of TN. Literally, my in-laws backyard is a few huge hills...when the power went out last night we couldn't see the neighbors to tell if they had power. That secluded country! Glorious. Anyway my MIL drove us back today because a idiot reaching for his drink hit us at full speed from behind and totaled my Mustang. Oh a car hunting we are being forced to go. Makes me sick thinking about it. Who reaches for a drink instead of stopping at a red light!? Never fear though, I have tons of pics. I broke out that camera as soon as I had the guts to look at the damage. We are okay, just getting over whip lash. The whole thing could have been worse, I had gotten sick of my seat belt chest strap and had moved it behind me and also had my knees bent and feet on the dashboard. I freaked so bad, solely because I was mourning the loss of my car, that Jeremy thought I was seriously injured. Yes I'm dramatic. But I've wanted a Mustang for as long as I knew they existed. Makes me wanna choke that idiot. Also we thought about taking the dogs with us. Had they been in the car they would have been seriously hurt.

Anyway we went hiking, shopped at the Amish store, and laughed our heads off at two hilarious kids all weekend. I also revisited my good weenie dog buddy Winston. Good ole Winny Poo. Poor pup got attacked by wild dogs, but is doing good. He is such a sweet weenie dog.

This may sound lengthy...but I'll give you the full run down later.

By the way, listening to a 2yo yell "I wanna see Elmo on the pone!" at Jeremy is hilarious. But what I'd like to know is how did she find out I had beef jerky when no one else saw me eating it. All the sudden I started hearing "Mily I want turkey!", turns out that means Emily I want jerky. Little skunk. It was like spending the weekend with my two year old self.