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April 15, 2009

The engagement should run in the Concordia Sentinel today, I was planning on linking it but their site hasn't been updated since my cousin's engagement announcement a few weeks ago.

Wait till y'all see these bridal pics, they turned out great despite my hair issue. I covered up the dress in one and showed Jeremy and he said it didn't look like me at all{compliment? guys word things weird}. I'll let ya know when Jennifer puts some up on her blog.

Word of advice: if your hair dresser does your run through and says oh we will do this this and this when you come back I'm just playing around...she is lying her butt off. I paid $35 for a glorified french braid! She told me oh I'll put rollers in for more volume but guess what, nada, she teased the top then braided it, and attempted to leave the pony tail out and not tuck it in. After I made her tuck it in she did a crappy job of that. She then preceeded to bend and twist my hair piece to make it fluff, it's no supposed to fluff! So now I am stuck with a sad hair piece that I am attempting to mold back into shape, I'm still horrified that she would even consider balling it up in her hand like she did.

Luckily in the pics you wouldn't know the difference that a few minutes before I was lost as a dog trying to find Austin's Bistro and mad that a 30 minute french braid was $35.

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  1. ughh sorry there was a hair fiasco...i had a makeup fiasco on the DAY of the wedding. that'll teach me to get a 'free makeover' at mcrae's...hehehe...I looked like a clown!