{What I Wore Wednesday}

January 25, 2012

pleated poppy
It's Wednesday and you know what that means! Only 3 days of work until the weekend, and its time to link up for What I Wore Wednesday again! I had a few good days this week, but until I uploaded I had no clue I wore my school shirts so much this past week. 
Teal zipper cardigan - Old Navy
Pink cami - Target
Khakis - Gap
Necklace - Old Navy
Jean Day
Jeans - American Eagle "Artist"
School Spirit Shirt
Black longsleeve - Target
[Mossimo has the best plain long sleeves for layering]
Blue Ruffle Silky dress - Old Navy circa 2008
Faux Pearl bracelets and necklace - Burlington Coat Factory
Red vintage style pumps - Target circa 2008
(this was my engagement pic outfit)
Skinny Jeans - Old Navy
White Tee - Old Navy
Burlap Toms
Leather bracelets found in Naples
Purple Tank - Target
Attempt @ making duty day/tutoring day cute-ish
Spirit shirt
black mossimo long sleeve shirt - Target
Gray khakis - Old Navy
Owl headband - Claires (since I had on my Who Dat? shirt lol)
Lunarlon Nike Running Shoes - because they are crazy comfortable

Can I just throw in I am so excited that my hair is finaly getting "long". It was so short when I started doing WIWW last year. 

Happy Hump Day:)